An ecosystem to overthrow an old unfair system

Let’s help each other win customers and make the world a better place. credolab is lucky enough to have a wide-ranging network that includes banks, consumer finance companies, neobanks, auto lenders, online and mobile lenders, insurance companies and retailers.

There’s enough “Yes” to go around.

What being a credopartner means

Client Pool

Enjoy access to a wide-ranging network of financial institutions and the associated business opportunities that our network provides.

Complete Portfolio

Increase the depth and breadth of your portfolio by adding a new revenue stream.

Find Partners

Get introduced to some of the best players in the FinTech industry and expand the possibilities for your own business.

Training and Support

Receive custom training and support designed to empower your sales teams when they engage with potential clients.

Our Partners

Empowering lenders through a modular Loan Management System

Creating seamless data integrations for accurate risk decisioning

Empowering Financial Inclusion with BRAVE

Enhance Turkish consumers' understanding with behaviour-based insights and scores

Enhance African consumers' understanding with behavioural data and marketing technology

Engage consumers with confidence — both digitally and with the phone

Powering real-time risk decisions together.

Building alternative lending solution together.