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Give your solution the platform it deserves. CredoLab has a wide ranging network that includes banks, consumer finance companies, auto lenders, online & mobile lenders, insurance companies and retailers. As a CredoLab Partner, you will be in contact with an audience highly receptive to your offerings and business model.

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What Being a CredoPartner Means

Client Pool

Enjoy access to a wide ranging network of financial institutions and the associated business opportunities that our network provides.

Complete Portfolio

Increase the depth and breadth of your portfolio by adding a new revenue stream.

Find Partners

Get introduced to some of the best players in the FinTech industry and expand the possibilities for your own business.

Training and Support

Receive custom training and support designed to empower your sales teams when they engage with potential clients.

Find the Right Partnership for You

Data Partners

If you have access to privacy-consented and permissioned data, then we have the tools needed to convert them into insights—and potential leads—that financial institutions are looking for. We can enable your business to monetise data with full privacy protection. Contact us to learn more.

Co-innovation Partners

Have something awesome? Let’s talk to see how we can work together.

Technology Partners

If you think our technology can benefit from yours, or vice-versa, give us a call and let’s talk about how we can deliver stronger one-stop-shop solutions to our respective clients.

Let's collaborate, let's innovate


Fern Software

ADEPT™ Decisions

Ombú Tech Services

Driving Digital Transformation in LATAM Together

Sapio Asia

Building data monetization platforms together.


Fighting fraud together.


Building smoother credit application process together.


Building cloud banking together.

Global Infotech

Driving future banking together.


Building alternative lending solution together.