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Credolab and NIU Solutions joined forces to provide integrated disruptive solutions catering to financial institutions. Using Credolab’s Embedded Scoring Technology and NIU’s proven expertise in the financial services digital transformation, we help banks, insurance companies and credit unions improve their loan screening process. As partners, we create tailored experiences for potential customers, better quality leads and therefore, greater revenue.

Why Should This Excite You?

Increased Approval Rate

Alternative scoring provides reliable complementary data for the loan application analysis.

Lower Acquisition Costs

Integrating predictive technology into the application screening optimizes the onboarding process.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Better data enables a seamless customer experience and increases positive sentiment.

Optimized Campaigns

Enriched data enables more accurate buyer personas and deeper insights for marketing campaigns.

Data Privacy Protection

Comply with privacy laws and regulations processing only consented, anonymous behavioral metadata.

Lower Cost of Risk

Highly predictive data allows more effective risk scoring and more accurate fraud detection.

Discovering modern credit risk scoring in buy now, pay later

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This rule triggers when a device has been confirmed as fraudulent


This rule triggers when the device is on a blacklist


This rule triggers when an application originates from a location marked as risky


This rule triggers when inconsistencies are identified on a device


This rule triggers when the same device applies for multiple loans


This rule triggers when a device looks suspiciously like confirmed fraudulent devices


Crunches nearly 1 million behavioural features from opt-in metadata to generate credit scores

Device Risk

Uses device recognition and intelligence technology to track over 45 types of fraud and abuse

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