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Superlight and easy to integrate into your financial solution based on mobile devices and online web behavioural metadata.

Up to 21.9%

Decreased cost of risk/fraud

<1 Second

Faster time-to-yes

Up to 32%

Increased approval rate

Up to 28%

Decreased cost of acquisition

Up to 40%

Increased predictivity (GINI uplift)


The choice of financial companies and fintech unicorns

Donald Evans

Chief Lending Officer, FairMoney

Credolab allowed us to extract more insights on our customers through their unique data attributes which, in combination with our existing data points, improved the accuracy of our models. As a result, we managed to increase value to clients through a better offer creating positive selection and higher profitability.

Tomasz Borowski

CEO, Flow

As the CEO of a credit management company, I was looking for the right software solution to support our business operations whilst also promoting ethical and responsible debt collection in underserved Asian economies. Credolab helped us with a powerful scorecard that allowed us to prioritise collection efforts. By analysing user metadata and behaviours, credolab helped us improve the way we allocated call centre's efforts by reaching out to the users that were most likely to respond to our calls resulting in higher collections rates.

Momtaz Moussa

Co-Founder & CEO, Lucky

Credolab has been an essential partner in our journey to enable the underbanked with more empowering financial services. Together with credolab, we have managed to use alternative data to finally build reliable credit profiles for users with no credit history. In addition, their team was genuinely sharing best practices and providing thought leadership along the way.


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