Building the future of behavioural analytics based on mobile device and web metadata

Initially focused on alternative risk scoring for banks and lenders, today credolab is the largest data analytics platform based on smartphone and web behavioural metadata available to any company with a mobile app and a website.

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Our story

Credolab is a growing B2B SaaS Fintech that develops bank-grade digital scorecards built on mobile devices and online web behavioural metadata. Our pay-per-use solutions are available to banks and neobanks, digital lenders and BNPL players, insurance companies, and any industry at the intersection with financial services (e-commerce, ride-hailing apps, travel, retailers).

Headquartered in Singapore with offices in Kyiv, London, Miami and Jakarta, credolab targets a global market of 4 billion under-served consumers. As of 2021, credolab has powered over $1 billion in loans to consumers in 30+ markets across Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and most recently, North America in 2022.

Through credolab, clients can expect an uplift in their risk model’s predictiveness, reduce their cost of risk, increase their market share, and significantly reduce time-to-yes from hours to seconds without necessarily calling the credit bureau.

Credolab proprietary data modelling pipeline rooted in Machine Learning algorithms analyses over 70,000 privacy-consented data points from a smartphone device, converting customers' digital footprint into highly predictive scores tailor-made to each client.

Established in 2016, credolab now has 50+ employees working in Singapore, Ukraine, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Brazil, Mexico, UK, UAE, Czech Republic, Italy and the United States. With over 10+ languages spoken, the credolab brand has never been more diversely represented; as we continue to grow as a global company and as a family.

Our mission

How we affect that future - what we seek to get done

CredoLab improves people’s lives by powering every credit decision.

Our vision

How we see the future -
why we do what we do

Easy access to fair credit for all.

Our values

How we do what we do in pursuit of our goals

Audaciously Driven. CredoLab employees are proactive in identifying opportunities for improvement and client insight. They are cost conscious, clear on company and personal goals, keep them in mind and drive toward them. They don’t give up easily and are curious, digging deeper to find answers rather than giving up.Reliable. As a SaaS business, CredoLab must deliver reliability to our customers to remain in business. CredoLab employees have a high level of personal accountability. We know we can rely on one another to complete tasks accurately, proactively and in a timely manner.

Optimistic. CredoLab employees approach topics with an open mind, ready to look at different options and alternatives. They always seek solutions and  ways to deliver, never excuses.

Curiously Intelligent. Curiosity enables us to understand our clients’ needs and develop useful business solutions. CredoLab employees keep an open mind. They ask challenging questions because they’re the right questions. They are domain experts who look beyond obvious solutions to deeper principles or applications.

Client Centricity: CredoLab employees start with the client and work backwards. They work vigorously to earn and keep client trust. Although they pay attention to competitors, they obsess over clients to generate long-term value instead of short-term results. They are externally aware and look for new ideas from everywhere to find ways to improve and simplify existing processes. They think differently and constantly look for ways to serve clients increasingly better.

Our team

The people behind the magic at credolab

Peter Barcak

Founder & CEO

Michele Tucci

MD Americas, Chief Strategy Officer

Pavel Herber

Chief Operating Officer

Dmytro Kurov

Chief Technology Officer

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The people behind the magic at credolab



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