How to integrate credolab behaviour-based platform into your business

Integrating credolab platform into your mobile app and website is a matter of a few man-days

Your digital channels

Add new sources of metadata

Mobile App

Android Features

iOS Features


Web Features

Augment data with other sources you already process

Income data

Credit bureau data

E-commerce data

Payments data

Many more

Analyse 10 million behavioural features

Battery usage

# videos created / month

VPN or TOR used

PDL applications installed

% of starred contacts out of total contacts

Most frequently downloaded app category

# calendar events created on weekdays vs. weekends

% of selfies out of total photos

Storage utilisation

Device model

Total time spent to apply

How fast the applicant types

Hesitation to submit

Number of times “Copy” and “Paste” was used on questions the user should know the answer

Time spent to answer basic questions such as the date of birth or the address

How fast is the vertical scroll

Identify predictive micro-behavioural patterns

Metadata only

Device fingerprint

In-app and mouse gestures

Typing biometrics

Receive insights in real time


Make better risk, fraud and marketing decisions

Risk Scoring

Risk score

Credit line increase model

In principle approval/pre-approved batch scoring

Model with Credit Bureau data

Risk-based pricing model

Insurance underwriting score

Probability to file a claim score

Collections model

Fraud Detection

Fraud score

Device velocity

IP address velocity

IP mismatch

Score to predict cashback abuse

Score to predict loyalty points abuse

Early fraud flags

Atypical application behaviour flags

Suspicious device behaviour flags

Same device, multiple IDs score

Same ID, different devices score

Marketing Segmentation

Approval score

Probability to apply score

Probability to buy score

Application engagement score

Data enrichment

Customer persona

Lead matching score

UI friction score

Drop-off analysis

Lookalike audience model

Outcome-based models


Deep insights based on mobile device and web behavioural metadata

Risk Scoring

Greater predictive power, 100% hit-rate, lower cost of risk, higher approval rate

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Fraud Detection

Top of the funnel, real-time device velocity checks, predictive anti-fraud scores

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Marketing Segmentation

Granular and fresh behavioural insights for a deeper understanding of all your users

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Credolab is the right choice for your business

Once embedded in your digital channels, it delivers value across the entire organisation. It also works as a standalone or on-top of existing solutions, including open banking and credit bureaus.