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Client Success Stories

Mónica Jiménez Carmona

Head of Product, CrediOrbe

Being Colombia's largest 2-wheeler finance company, we are always trying to improve the way we serve our customers. We've been working with Credolab since 2021 and developed a tailor-made scorecard focused on mitigating the risk associated with 120-day past due (120DPD) accounts within a 9-month window. This scorecard will lead to a significant 30% improvement in our approval rate while maintaining our risk levels at an optimal balance. This outcome speaks volumes about the effectiveness and precision of Credolab's solutions. We are thrilled to renew our agreement with Credolab for three years, confident that their innovative approaches will continue to drive growth and success for CrediOrbe!

Juan Carlos Esquer Ramos

CEO, ZazPay

As the CEO of ZazPay, navigating the dynamic landscape of financial services in Mexico has been both exhilarating and challenging. When we decided to revamp our internal models and streamline our underwriting processes, we knew we needed a partner who could deliver tangible results. That's where Credolab came in. Their team didn't just promise solutions; they delivered them. By integrating Credolab's alternative data into our operations, we've been able to reach segments of the population that were previously out of our reach. This isn't just about numbers on a spreadsheet; it's about real people and real impact. Thanks to Credolab, we've scaled our business while maintaining the quality of our portfolio—a feat that's not easy in today's competitive market. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has made them an indispensable part of our success story.

Irina Škipare

Regional Chief Risk Officer, Sun Finance

Credolab has been a strong partner in our mission to provide accessible and responsible lending solutions to the ever evolving needs of millennials and Gen z customers in emerging countries. Since 2021, our collaboration with Credolab has been nothing short of exceptional, beginning with our ventures in SEA region and now extending to LatAm. Credolab's approach to risk assessment, utilizing innovative behavioral biometrics data, has seamlessly integrated into our web-based application process, reducing friction in the customer journey while delivering consistently reliable results. Their alternative risk score has proven to be pretty additive to our own risk assessment, enabling us to better balance approval rates with default rates. Sun Finance has always valued partners who are responsive, easy to communicate with, and share our commitment to excellence in data science and risk management. In these regards, Credolab satisfies our needs.

Pedro Vallenilla

CEO, Cashea

Credolab has been an invaluable partner in our journey to success. With their data enrichment and alternative risk scores, Cashea has transformed into the fastest-growing financial app in Venezuela. Being recognized by Bloomberg, after seven years, is a testament to our groundbreaking approach, and Credolab's solutions have played a key role in this achievement. We are thrilled to renew our agreement with Credolab, knowing that their insights will continue to drive informed decisions, particularly as we enhance our BNPL product. Here's to continued growth and collaboration!

Arthur Martinez

Credit Policy and Data Science Manager, Altbank

Credolab has truly improved our approach to risk assessment at alt.bank, Brazil's fastest-growing digital credit card issuer (novücard) on a mission to bring financial justice through fair and transparent interest rates. Credolab’s alternative risk scores have consistently demonstrated a significant uplift over our existing data sources, showcasing the depth and accuracy of their models. In addition, the Credolab score trained on alt.bank data has proven to provide more accurate predictive modelling, surpassing other scores in our analyses. Because of these results, the strong ROI and value that the company brings to our decision-making processes, Credolab is an important long-term partner.

Mario Martinez Fisher

Chief Growth Officer, Círculo de Crédito

As the Chief of Growth of one of the most innovative credit bureaus in Latin America, I'm constantly searching and developing innovative solutions, enriched by technology. Our main objective is to promote inclusion and financial wellness for people and companies in Mexico. Credolab's technology allows us to leverage alternative data to score unbanked and underserved individuals, which will help us to foster financial inclusion and increase the size of our scorable population. Their technology is cutting-edge and their team is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced. I am confident that our partnership with Credolab will be a success, and I am excited to see what the future holds for our two companies

Nicholas Mutua

Head of Credit and Operations, Maisha Bank

I'd recommend Credolab's behavioural data solution to any bank trying to enhance the way they do a credit risk assessment. By leveraging their expertise and unique source of data, we have improved our risk management processes and onboarded better-quality customers. Our applicant risk assessment process has transformed with the use of Credolab's alternative credit risk scores. As a result, we have gained deeper real-time behavioural insights and higher accuracy in risk evaluation and payment default probability. Their solution is a strategic asset that has undoubtedly elevated our credit assessment capabilities and saved us valuable time and resources.

Vadym Kryvoviaz

Deputy CEO/ CRO, AsiaKredit

As the Chief Risk Officer of a digital lender operating in a country where credit bureau penetration is low, we were faced with a significant challenge in identifying creditworthy customers. That's when we discovered credolab's risk scores based on smartphone data. Using credolab's risk scores allowed AsiaKredit to more accurately assess the risk profile of customers who would otherwise be rejected. This has enabled us to approve more customers, while still maintaining risk under control. One of the most significant benefits of using credolab's risk scores has been the reduction in first payment defaults. By identifying customers who were more likely to default, we were able to adjust the loan terms or decline the application altogether. This has led to a significant positive impact on our bottom line.

Tomasz Borowski

CEO, Flow

As the CEO of a credit management company, I was looking for the right software solution to support our business operations whilst also promoting ethical and responsible debt collection in underserved Asian economies. Credolab helped us with a powerful scorecard that allowed us to prioritise collection efforts. By analysing user metadata and behaviours, credolab helped us improve the way we allocated call centre's efforts by reaching out to the users that were most likely to respond to our calls resulting in higher collections rates.

Anand Krishnaswamy

Vice President Product, International, TransUnion

We partnered with credolab to integrate their SDK into our Digital Onboarding solution. The SDK was easy to implement and the customer support team was outstanding, making the integration process quick and efficient. One of the key reasons why we chose credolab as our partner was the quality of their alternative risk score. After testing it with a bank in the Philippines, we realised it was a good complement to our credit bureau score and CreditVision Link product to help TU's clients score every individual, not just the ones already known to the bureau. Embedding credolab SDK in TransUnion Digital Onboarding enabled us to offer businesses with alternative risk scoring alongside identity and fraud management, affordability assessment, decisioning, and digital fulfilment.

Donald Evans

Chief Lending Officer, FairMoney

Credolab allowed us to extract more insights on our customers through their unique data attributes which, in combination with our existing data points, improved the accuracy of our models. As a result, we managed to increase value to clients through a better offer creating positive selection and higher profitability.

Momtaz Moussa

Co-Founder & CEO, Lucky

Credolab has been an essential partner in our journey to enable the underbanked with more empowering financial services. Together with credolab, we have managed to use alternative data to finally build reliable credit profiles for users with no credit history. In addition, their team was genuinely sharing best practices and providing thought leadership along the way.

Greg Krasnov

CEO, Tonik Bank

We chose credolab because they are the global leader in leveraging smartphone behavioural data for risk assessment. They have been a key input in our general model and have accompanied Tonik since the very beginning of our lending journey. I'd recommend any lender to use their scores and insights.

Daiane Rodrigues Baldo

Credit Data Science Leader, Agi

Credolab helped us to better understand the digital profile of our customers, creating relevant insights that helps us segment and improve our customers’ risk profile. With the data provided by credolab, we managed to be more accurate in our predictive models and even more competitive.

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