Credolab empowers banks and lenders to reduce credit risk with real-time scores derived from device and behavioural biometrics metadata.

Our solutions enhance predictive power by augmenting traditional data, achieving a 100% hit rate. By effectively scoring all applicants, including thin-files and new-to-credit individuals, we increase approval rates while reducing the cost of risk and ensuring better credit decisions.

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Increase Predictive Power

Credolab's unique layer of alternative data has a low correlation with socio-demographic, credit bureau, and transactional data, providing a fresh perspective on creditworthiness.

Increase Approval Rate

Expand access to credit for applicants that traditional credit scoring models often struggle to assess due to limited information, leading to missed opportunities and a high rejection rate.

Decrease Delinquency

Analyse subtle behavioural patterns and device interactions to reduce the chances of mistakenly approving high-risk applicants (false positives) or rejecting low-risk applicants (false negatives).

Proven results

Better scores that complement your existing credit risk underwriting processes and general model

Up to 21.9%

Decreased cost of risk

Up to 32%

Increased approval rate

Up to 28%

Decreased cost of acquisition

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Case studies

Better data and scores that complement your existing risk, fraud, and marketing processes


FairMoney is building the leading mobile bank for emerging markets on a mission to rebuild Africa's money story by offering Tier 1 digital financial services to merchants and consumers alike.

Integration Type:

Mobile SDK

Solutions Used:

Donald Evans

Chief Lending Officer

"Credolab allowed us to extract more insights on our customers through their unique data attributes which, in combination with our existing data points, improved the accuracy of our models. As a result, we managed to increase value to clients through a better offer creating positive selection and higher profitability....”

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Reduce cost of risk

Eliminate fraud

Improve marketing