Empowering Financial Inclusion with BRAVE

Credolab and Círculo de Crédito have united to enhance financial inclusion with innovative credit risk and fraud scoring solutions in Mexico.

A vast array of data and metadata resources exists in Mexico. Unfortunately, most remain either under-utilised or completely untouched. To tackle this challenge, this partnership introduces an exclusive Digital Behavioural Analysis Solution, 'BRAVE' – a Behaviour, Risk, Authentication & Validation Engine. 

BRAVE offers a groundbreaking solution that harnesses the power of Behavioural Analytics. It analyses metadata from applicants' digital behaviours and uncovers invaluable behavioural insights to enhance risk and fraud assessments.

Client Success Stories

Discover how credolab has transformed businesses by enabling data-driven decision-making and fostering growth through innovative solutions.

Mario Martinez Fisher

Chief Growth Officer, Círculo de Crédito

As the Chief of Growth of one of the most innovative credit bureaus in Latin America, I'm constantly searching and developing innovative solutions, enriched by technology. Our main objective is to promote inclusion and financial wellness for people and companies in Mexico. Credolab's technology allows us to leverage alternative data to score unbanked and underserved individuals, which will help us to foster financial inclusion and increase the size of our scorable population. Their technology is cutting-edge and their team is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced. I am confident that our partnership with Credolab will be a success, and I am excited to see what the future holds for our two companies

Why Should This Excite You?

Improved Predictive Power

Enhance the ability to predict creditworthiness and risk using comprehensive behavioural analytics.

Improved Risk and Fraud assessment

Detect any borrower’s likelihood to default for thin-file applicants, gig economy workers, millennials, small businesses, and unbanked individuals.

Gain Advanced Behavioural Insights

Leverage credolab’s proprietary insights combined with Círculo de Crédito’s award-winning credit bureau reports.

Swift Response Time

Reduce time for crucial decision-making to ensure a more responsive and frictionless customer experience.

Reduced Costs

Streamline your digital onboarding journey and reduce unnecessary costs due to undetected fraudulent attempts.

Expanded Share of Scorable Population

Increase the penetration of credit reporting data to cover any individual, even those previously unknown to the credit bureau.






Credolab x Mastercard Engage Partner Network

Digital First Component to Acquire

Accelerating time-to-market for Mastercard issuers looking to leverage credolab's alternative credit scoring solutions globally.

Credolab has joined the Mastercard Engage Partner Network as a Digital First Solution under the Digital Components for Acquire pillar.

How does this partnership work?

Digital Onboarding

TransUnion's digital onboarding solution simplifies the application process for customers, reducing the need for multiple integrations and saving time and resources for IT teams. In addition to identity verification, credoSDK is integrated into TransUnion's digital onboarding solution to confirm the affordability of the applicant and avoid risky lending procedures.

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Vetting and screening applications for loans and credit cards can be a complicated, time-consuming and expensive process. In collaboration with TruValidate, a TransUnion solution, credolab provides a comprehensive anti-fraud solution that can help detect and prevent fraud during the onboarding process.

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A comprehensive database of devices and fraud evidence:

In collaboration with TruValidate, a TransUnion solution, the fraud score algorithm is powered by the biggest network of devices and fraud reports in the world, with a base of over six billion unique consumer devices.

Identification of device and account linkages:

Identify suspicious devices from genuine ones and even the hidden connections between devices and accounts.

More secure than the traditional approach:

With a device metadata-led approach, it is possible to know the devices connected to the anonymous customer ID.

Agile in response and adaptability in collaboration with TruValidate:

The powerful and flexible business rules editor enables fraud analysts to react immediately to new threats.

To learn more about how to identify, assess and mitigate fraud risks with bespoke machine learning models, check out this comprehensive guide by our Customer Success Manager here.

Insights from a Former Risk Officer

Learn from a former risk officer how to develop sophisticated fraud detection models that understand a fraudulent action and its intention.

How does this partnership work?

About BRAVE by Credolab

An exclusive Digital Behavioural Analysis Solution

BRAVE is a sophisticated behavioural analytics solution designed to thrive in the mobile and online landscapes. It harnesses the vast availability of behavioural metadata, offering real-time information and insights to empower better risk and credit decisions.

SDK Integration

Operates through SDK Integration for Android, iOS, and web platforms

Data Collection

Collects 100% privacy-consented behavioural metadata

Behavioural Analytics

Seamlessly tracks user behaviour

Enhanced Experience

Ensures 100% frictionless digital experience

2023 Expert Guide:
The Importance of Financial Inclusion Strategies and Policies

Explore this introduction guide to financial inclusion with a focus on LATAM (a snippet into Mexico) and APAC, the initiatives implemented and the overall challenges of financial inclusion.

Score every Mexican with BRAVE

BRAVE enable any bank, neobank, digital lender, BNPL player to assess 100% of their incoming applicants

People without credit history (NTC)*

Enable financial institutions to extend credit to New-To-Credit* individuals lacking a credit history, fostering financial inclusion.

Fraud Evaluation

Bolster fraud detection and prevention efforts with insights derived from behavioural analytics.

Credit Card Issuers

Empower credit card companies with a more accurate assessment of applicant risk.

Getting to know fraud detection:
How to use insights gathered

Learn how using machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to dynamic, fresh and real-time data gives the ability for analysis and utilisation to obtain insights and create more accurate behavioural models.

What is a Digital First Solution?

Credolab: A Digital First Solution to Acquire

Mastercard chose credolab to support credit card issuers globally to approve more deserving applicants, even those that do not have traditional credit bureau data.

With credolab, issuers can now:

  • Lower the cost of risk
  • Decrease the cost of fraud
  • Increase the approal rate

Digital First Components


Providers of this component bring cardholder journeys to life, offering the capabilities required to approve more cardholders without adding friction to their onboarding journey.


Providers of this component add cards to digital wallets effortlessly. Transact digitally across all channels including point-of-sale, online, 
and in-app.


Providers of this component enhance peace of mind. Digitally view card details, set controls, and contact customer service


Providers of this component elevate your journeys with a Digital First proposition through tailored offers and loyalty benefits.

Credolab: Mastercard Digital First Component to Acquire

Insights for Every Credit Card Applicant

Leverage credolab’s powerful behavioural data analytics platform built on proprietary machine learning (ML) algorithms. Analyse privacy-consented and permissioned behavioural biometrics and device fingerprint metadata for every applicant.

Insights for Every Issuer, Globally

Issue more credit cards to more deserving applicants without worrying about regulatory compliance or adding friction to the onboarding journey.

Instantly receive credolab's rich insights and predictive scores anywhere you issue credit cards.

Insights for Smarter Decisions, in Real Time

Credolab’s insights and alternative risk scores are delivered in real-time all via one API.

With credolab, banks, neobanks, and digital credit card issuers gain access to:

  • Enhanced alternative risk scores
  • Greater predictive power
  • More accurate fraud checks
  • Higher approval rate
  • Reduced risk and fraud costs

How do we fit into your business model?

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