Optimise the results  of your marketing strategies with behavioural insights

Improve marketing segmentation, targeting, activation, conversions and engagement rates of your mobile app users with outcome-based and personality-based behavioural insights. Transform customer segments into personas built on a deeper understanding of the personality of your users and their intent.

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Marketing Insights Module

Marketing Scores Module

Improve the way you communicate with your mobile app users with insights based on the OCEAN* personality framework

Personality types

Summarise user’s personality type based on OCEAN traits, a behavioural psychological framework based on university research.

Available for:

Technographic data

Snapshot of any user’s overall on-smartphone behaviour based on factors such as usage of media, contacts, brand, screen brightness, battery and more.

Available for:


Identify images and visuals that will resonate the most with each user and their relative personality type.

Available for:


Determine the top 3 characteristics that will increase a user's acceptance of an offer or message based on any SMS, email, and notification’s copy.

Available for:

Tone ofvoice

Provide recommendations on how to interact with each user by using the tone of voice and language that resonates the most with their personality type.

Available for:

*OCEAN: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism personality traits

Ideal for any app publisher interested in increasing the understanding of their users, boosting activation rates, and improving ROMI

Optimise user engagement and product cross-holding with outcome-based marketing campaigns


Develop scorecards that predict the probability of any user to apply for a product, buy a product, accept a cross-sell or up-sell offer, be similar to a user that has become dormant, etc.

Available for:

Lead Score

Develop scorecards to automatically qualify leads.

Available for:

Ideal for any app publisher interested in improving the performance of the marketing campaigns, improving user engagement and increasing revenue per user

Reinventing Marketing

Non-intrusive and privacy-compliant behavioural metadata that modernise the customer lifecycle management with personality-based and outcome-based insights and scores

Lower Cost of Acquisition

Detect Intent to Buy Any Product

Improve Targeting

Outcome-Based Modelling

Superior Return-On-Marketing-Investment

Proven Results & Success



Reduced Cost of Acquisition (CAC)





Increased Return-On-Marketing Investment (ROMI)



Improved Intent



Increase Return-On-Ad-spend (ROAS)



Reduced Churn Rate

Understand Your Customers without Compromising Personal Data

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