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Disruptive technological solutions for handset device financing lenders

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ID Validation

More than 10 ways to validate identities in the digital onboarding process. ID, Photo, Blacklists, Employment history, and more.

ML-based credit scoring algorithm

Advanced risk assessment through smartphones metadata that protects customers' data privacy

Loan platform

Fully configurable, self-service, white label, and integrated credit management digital solution to orchestrate 100% of the placement, management, and collection of any credit portfolio.

Services payment

Get more resources by increasing and extending the frequency of use of your lines of credit, building loyalty from your customers and allowing them to pay for services on digital platforms.

Payment platform

10,000+ cash in points in Mexico to improve the payment experience of your customers.


Extended warranty and/or damage coverage insurance for financed smartphones. Don't let your client's accident become your past-due portfolio.

Blocking platform for smartphones and tablets

Automated collection, unlimited messages, and reminders of the payment obligations to customers. The solution works even if the SIM card is replaced or removed. In case of non-payment, the tech blocks the smartphone or tablet remotely, increasing the payment priority and reducing uncollectibility rates.






How does this partnership work?

Digital Onboarding

TransUnion's digital onboarding solution simplifies the application process for customers, reducing the need for multiple integrations and saving time and resources for IT teams. In addition to identity verification, credoSDK is integrated into TransUnion's digital onboarding solution to confirm the affordability of the applicant and avoid risky lending procedures.

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Vetting and screening applications for loans and credit cards can be a complicated, time-consuming and expensive process. In collaboration with TruValidate, a TransUnion solution, credolab provides a comprehensive anti-fraud solution that can help detect and prevent fraud during the onboarding process.

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A comprehensive database of devices and fraud evidence:

In collaboration with TruValidate, a TransUnion solution, the fraud score algorithm is powered by the biggest network of devices and fraud reports in the world, with a base of over six billion unique consumer devices.

Identification of device and account linkages:

Identify suspicious devices from genuine ones and even the hidden connections between devices and accounts.

More secure than the traditional approach:

With a device metadata-led approach, it is possible to know the devices connected to the anonymous customer ID.

Agile in response and adaptability in collaboration with TruValidate:

The powerful and flexible business rules editor enables fraud analysts to react immediately to new threats.

To learn more about how to identify, assess and mitigate fraud risks with bespoke machine learning models, check out this comprehensive guide by our Customer Success Manager here.

Insights from a Former Risk Officer

Learn from a former risk officer how to develop sophisticated fraud detection models that understand a fraudulent action and its intention.

How does this partnership work?

About BRAVE by Credolab

An exclusive Digital Behavioural Analysis Solution

BRAVE is a sophisticated behavioural analytics solution designed to thrive in the mobile and online landscapes. It harnesses the vast availability of behavioural metadata, offering real-time information and insights to empower better risk and credit decisions.

SDK Integration

Operates through SDK Integration for Android, iOS, and web platforms

Data Collection

Collects 100% privacy-consented behavioural metadata

Behavioural Analytics

Seamlessly tracks user behaviour

Enhanced Experience

Ensures 100% frictionless digital experience

2023 Expert Guide:
The Importance of Financial Inclusion Strategies and Policies

Explore this introduction guide to financial inclusion with a focus on LATAM (a snippet into Mexico) and APAC, the initiatives implemented and the overall challenges of financial inclusion.

Score every Mexican with BRAVE

BRAVE enable any bank, neobank, digital lender, BNPL player to assess 100% of their incoming applicants

People without credit history (NTC)*

Enable financial institutions to extend credit to New-To-Credit* individuals lacking a credit history, fostering financial inclusion.

Fraud Evaluation

Bolster fraud detection and prevention efforts with insights derived from behavioural analytics.

Credit Card Issuers

Empower credit card companies with a more accurate assessment of applicant risk.

Getting to know fraud detection:
How to use insights gathered

Learn how using machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to dynamic, fresh and real-time data gives the ability for analysis and utilisation to obtain insights and create more accurate behavioural models.

Disrupting smartphone device financing

Equality and credolab joined forces to cater disruptive technological solutions to lenders providing handset financing solutions to unbanked and underbanked customers. By adding credolab alternative credit scoring and anti-fraud tools, Equality has put together a portfolio with 7 turnkey advanced technological solutions to create and accelerate handset financing businesses in Latin America. Together, we are disrupting the credit granting and underwriting process unlocking a series of opportunities where credit quantity and quality is maximised, and delinquency and fraud rates are kept well under control. Learn more about our benefits and details in the infographic.

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