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Increase approval rates and reduce defaults

Products Used:

CredoSDK for Android and iOS. CredoWeb for the website

The choice of 150+ financial companies, banks and fintech unicorns

The Challenge

Target Variable: 10+ DPD after first instalment

Increase the amount of information on millions of potential clients with low credit bureau data presence to reduce defaults and increase approval rates.


Embedded CredoSDK into the BNPLs app for Android and iOS and CredoWeb into the website

Android SDK



The Results

The objective was to increase approval rates and reduce defaults. With the help of our CredoSDK, the BNPL achieved the goal and developed a model with a GINI of 0.25 (standalone) with a lift of 0.15 in an integrated model. The total increase in results was up to 37.5% which helped our client to continue their path towards profitable growth.

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GINI (Total Population)

Developed a model with a GINI of 0.25 (standalone) with a lift of 0.15 in an integrated model, which was a 37.5% increase.


Bad Rate

Decrease of the bad rate by 35.14%


GINI (Approved Population)

Increased by 38.1%

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