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Driving Better Credit Decisions

CredoLab develops credit scores based on mobile and web-behavioural data to
make loans accessible to everyone and improve the lives of people who are otherwise left out by traditional banking processes.

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Why We Do What We Do

Currently there are over  1.7 billion unbanked people in the world. The narrow, conventional definition of creditworthiness has resulted in these potential customers missing out on opportunities to start new businesses and access personal credit.

CredoLab is on a mission to change this

Our goal is to increase financial inclusivity globally, by transforming the credit decisioning process and creating a path for creditworthy individuals to access mainstream financial services.

By using customer behavioural data we empower businesses to underwrite applications from unbanked, new-to-bank and new-to-credit (NTC) customers (e.g. self-employed, millennials, thin files, etc.).

CredoLab’s alternative credit scoring platform delivers results with a high degree of predictability & accuracy in real time while ensuring complete privacy protection.

Mission and Vision

October 2019

Presence in 15 countries.

September 2019

16 million application downloads.

July 2019

Selected in Plug and Play Jakarta.

June 2019

Selected in Ping An Cloud Accelerator Fintech Batch 3, Plug and Play Singapore and Paris.

May 2019

500K features developed.

April 2019

Launched CredoInsure.

March 2019

Raised $1M from GoBear.

February 2019

CredoLab named Singapore's 29 Hottest Fintech in 2019 by Fintech Singapore.

December 2018

Presence in 12 countries.

October 2018

Signed partnership agreement with GoBear

September 2018

120,000 featured developed.

April 2018

Global expansion beyond Southeast Asia to Africa, China, India, Latin America and the CIS.

April 2018

Signed alliance agreement with Visa APAC.

February 2018

Raised $1Mn from Walden International.

January 2018

Named among Singapore Business Review's Top 20 start-ups.

December 2017

Presence in 6 countries.

June 2017

2.4 million application downloads ARR.

May 2017

10,000 features developed.

February 2017

$800,000 raised from Fintonia Group, Reliance.

October 2016

CredoLab officially launches.

March 2016

CredoLab raised $200,000 in seed round from FORUM.

Mission Statement

CredoLab is committed to making credit available to all. We do this by giving businesses access to an untapped, highly-predictive source of behavioural data to make faster, better credit scoring decisions with zero error rate.

Company Vision

To become a trusted partner that facilitates access to fair credit for consumers while equipping businesses with the latest AI credit scoring technology.

Our History

We are revolutionising financial access and enabling financial institutions to provide access to credit on fair terms for those that aren't able to access traditional systems.

Learn more about how CredoLab came to be and how we got to where we are today.

Our Story