Traditional risk evaluation leaves millions of people un-happy.

Let's un-do that with alternative credit scoring.

Ideal for Neobanks, Challenger Banks, BNPL, Banks and Digital Lenders

Alternative credit scoring
that works

Our model leverages on alternative data, helping you
make credit available to worthy but overlooked people.


Approve more good customers like a superhero!

Credolab uses non-intrusive and anonymous metadata to score customers. We are in full compliance with local data privacy laws, including the GDPR. Our goal is to protect
customers’ privacy while empowering them financially.

100% Predictivity with 0% Personal Data

We value your customers' privacy just as much as you do. By accessing only their metadata, we generate credit scores that are predictive and calculated responsibly. Our Privacy Policy lays out what information we collect, what we do with it, and why.

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Unmatched Speed and Predictability
Our bank-grade scoring algorithm generates the most predictive and efficient alternative credit scores in the market. We can get you scores, plus additional insights, within just one second. And then you can go change a life for the better.

Tailor-made credit scoring

We tailor our models to each client. Our alternative credit scoring can be shaped to help you make credit decisions in banking, consumer finance, buy now pay later, online and mobile lending, insurance, online aggregators, wallets, e-commerce, and auto lending. So you can say “Yes” to people who need your help, whatever your field.

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Neobanks and Challenger Banks

Leverage on our solution to discover an untapped source of data to de-risk a whole new market.

Buy Now Pay Later

Our innovative digital solution can help you get more customers and filter the real risks from artificial ones.

Banks and Consumer Finance

Enhance your traditional lending risk practice with credolab’s digital credit scoring solution to assess new market segments.

Digital Lenders

Our advanced credit scoring algorithms can help you to create more accurate credit ratings to provide more loans to new customers.

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