Better risk, fraud, and marketing decisions

Unlock behavioural data analytics and grow your business with 100% predictability and 0% personal data.

The choice of 150+ financial companies, banks and fintech unicorns


Why credolab?

Deep insights for credit risk, fraud, and marketing based on alternative data and delivered via a single API

Reduce cost of
risk and fraud

Shorten the
time to "yes"

100% predictivity
with 0% personal data

Grow revenue

Expand audiences

Detect high-risk applicants

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Take your results to the next level

Super-light and easy to integrate solutions based on
mobile device and web behavioural metadata.

Up to 21.9%

Decreased cost of risk/fraud

<1 Second

Faster time-to-yes

Up to 32%

Increased approval rate

Up to 28%

Decreased cost of acquisition

Up to 40%

Increased predictivity (GINI uplift)


Deep insights based on mobile device and web behavioural metadata

Risk Scoring

Greater predictive power, 100% hit-rate, lower cost of risk, higher approval rate

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Fraud Detection

Top of the funnel, real-time device velocity checks, predictive anti-fraud scores

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Marketing Segmentation

Granular and fresh behavioural insights for a deeper understanding of all your users

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Credolab is the right choice for your business

Once embedded in your digital channels, it delivers value across the entire organisation. It also works as a standalone or on-top of existing solutions, including open banking and credit bureaus.

End-to-end customer lifecycle

One integration brings multiple benefits along the entire customer lifecycle

Application capturing

Capturing and processing applications

Enrich data
Build buyer persona
Improve conversion rates

Built for:


Credit/UW decision, fraud detection

Assess 100% of applications
Detect and prevent fraud
Improve quality of models

Built for:


Portfolio management

Optimise campaigns
Reduce customer attrition
Increase revenue per customer

Built for:


The choice of financial companies and fintech unicorns


It was critical for us to find a partner that could help us score 100% of our customers. Credolab had the most experience in this field and was able to assist us with our main goal.

Digital Transformation Leader

“Credolab is a strategic ally with whom we seek to better understand the profile of our customers. This will enable us to continue increasing our objective of financial inclusion through the development of new Apps.”


“Credolab helps us assess customers' risk more efficiently by analysing smartphone metadata. As a result, we gain an advantage over our competitors and are able to expand our product offerings.”