Reducing Fraud with CredoLab Fraud SDK

Buying trends in Southeast Asia have been undergoing a major shift with the customers trying to find ways to get their hands on the brands they aspire, and financial institutions coming up with ways to support these dreams.

One such major player in Indonesia that is committed to providing in-store financing, today serves over 3 million customers across ~17,000 retail outlets. With so many customers raising credit requests at different touch points, the client wanted to ensure they were doing everything possible to reduce the number of fraudulent customers by detecting them much in advance.

The Challenges

  • Detect fraud without affecting customer journey
  • Decrease the percentage of borrowers who missed their first payment by 30+ days

The Solution

  • Integrated CredoSDK with client’s mobile App
  • Device metadata analysed upon customer’s consent
  • Fraud scores generated within seconds to indicate good applicants from the bad


Default Rate

User Adoption

(% of customers who grant permissions)

Time to Yes

(time from scoring request to response)