Embedded Scoring Technology:
Helps you say "YES" more confidently to more customers!

Tap into a previously locked market with ease and safety, thanks to Embedded Scoring Technology. With credolab sitting behind your app or site you have advanced, predictive, and accurate score; it let's you not only say “Yes” to more creditworthy customers, but because you know more about them, you can tailor your experience and turn them from customers to fans to lovers (of your brand!) to advocates.

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Don’t leave people out.

Build our credit scoring tools in.


Quick and easy way to embed our scoring algorithm into your existing Android and iOS mobile apps seamlessly.


Assesses the creditworthiness of your customers based on their keystroke patterns and device data.


Why wait? We can give you a white label app to get you started with smartphone data-based credit scoring right away.


Get your customers onboarded in comfort with this easy app.


Get more prequalified leads coming to your business with this light mobile application.

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