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CredoLab partners with banks, consumer finance and other retail lenders to improve the financial inclusion and financial access of underbanked consumers and elevate their standard of living. The wind of change is here.

City Girl Phone

City Girl Phone


CredoApp transforms an everyday item into a powerful predictive tool

CredoLab analyses 1000’s of characteristics from a user’s smartphone, working in harmony with existing technology to connect the dots that traditional methods can’t.

With a variety of benefits

CredoApp collates these characteristics and can be integrated in various configurations with the added benefit of being: 


Efficient machine learning combined with a client’s digital footprint guarantees lower cost of risk along with higher approval ratio


Improved Time-to-Yes: Less than 1 minute

Up to date

Real time and current data reduces the need to rely on historic credit bureau data

benefits revised

benefits revised

Cost Effective

Maximises amortization of origination investment through risk-based pricing


Negligible per unit labour cost of production


Automated and consistent process enforces zero error rate, eliminating the possibility of human error

Simple as one, two, three.

With a time to yes of less than 60 seconds it couldn’t be easier!

installation process revised

installation process revised

Download from the Play Store

Lightweight and robust, CredoApp can be downloaded in an instant.

Enter contact number

After installation the applicant enters their contact number. That's it!


After analysing the digital footprint from the smartphone CredoApp submits data through our secure API, combining the power of big and traditional data to provide a more accurate credit score. 

News and updates at CredoLab

CredoLab's chief data scientist on how banks and consumer lenders can leverage data analytics for business and social impact

Data analytics is good for our economy, consumers, and good for society. Today 4.5 billion people worldwide remain financially excluded because they have little or no credit history (Source: Singapore Financial Inclusion...

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