Online Travel Booking

Competitive markets and a selective customer base have resulted in a challenging environment for online booking apps. By utilising the power of AI, however, companies can retain customers already shopping on their app. Powerful behavioural analysis using smartphone metadata enables companies to offer “Pay Later” options to all customers without the risk of loss and without compromising customer data.

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Fly/Book Now, Pay Later Options for All Customers

Customer Retention

Keep active customers online by offering convenient pay later options while keeping risk under control.

Data Privacy

Our algorithms analyse smartphone metadata only and do not access customer data. CredoScore is compliant with all local data privacy laws as well as GDPR.

Deeper Customer Engagement

Cater your services to customers who don’t have a credit card or would like the option to pay at a later date.

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The vanguard of CredoLab's family of credit risk management products that increases application approval rates while keeping negative rates under control.


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Simple, plug-&-play solutions working in conjunction with our products, such as the white label app & SDKs, to provide seamless digital onboarding experiences.

Embedded Scoring

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An Analytics-as-a-Service platform using data and insights from privacy-consented data sources to provide a simple, ready-for-action profitability plan.