Seamlessly integrate powerful AI technology into your mobile application using CredoLab’s credit scoring SDK. Flexible APIs ensure that our scoring technology integrates with your existing IT infrastructure. CredoSDK enables companies to get started with AI credit scoring quickly with little hassle. Keep your risk under control and start accepting more customers with CredoSDK.

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Empower your App with AI Credit Scoring Technology

Uses a range of flexible APIs to easily integrate into a lender’s existing IT infrastructure.

Significantly reduce go-live time via quick implementation.

The process is straightforward and simple, enabling all teams to get started without delay.

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The vanguard of CredoLab's family of credit risk management products that increases application approval rates while keeping negative rates under control.


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Simple, plug-&-play solutions working in conjunction with our products, such as the white label app & SDKs, to provide seamless digital onboarding experiences.

Embedded Scoring

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An Analytics-as-a-Service platform using data and insights from privacy-consented data sources to provide a simple, ready-for-action profitability plan.