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CredoInsure enables insurers to jump ahead of the competition using advanced AI credit scoring technology. Our platform for the insurance industry shortens a policy’s break-even time with automated affordability checks, highly accurate fraud scoring and a quicker underwriting process.

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Making a Difference for Insurers

Higher Persistency Ratio

Detect first payment defaulters early regardless of the origination channel.

Lower Acquisition Cost

Transform the underwriting workflow from a redundant, time-consuming process to an automated, real-time scoring mechanism.

Lower Lapsation Rate

Significantly lower the number of policies cancelled on the 6th or 7th month and shorten the time needed to break-even.

Transform your Business


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The vanguard of CredoLab's family of credit risk management products that increases application approval rates while keeping negative rates under control.


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Simple, plug-&-play solutions working in conjunction with our products, such as the white label app & SDKs, to provide seamless digital onboarding experiences.


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An Analytics-as-a-Service platform using data and insights from privacy-consented data sources to provide a simple, ready-for-action profitability plan.