CredoLab and ADEPT™ Decisions have created CredoDecide, a digital originations in a box solution. Through gamified mobile onboarding, the power of AI-driven alternative credit scoring algorithms, and a flexible decision engine, banking and non-banking financial institutions can open a digital originations channel in less than 60 days.

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Integrated Digital Originations Channel

Automated Banking Platform

Apply credit policies, generate pricing and credit terms automatically with this digital-savvy banking platform.

Quick and Efficient Solution

Go live and reap benefits of a 100% digital tool in weeks, not months with SaaS, cloud, and AI.

Lower Cost of Risk

Perform affordability checks in real-time at the very beginning for greater customer satisfaction and business viability.

One-Stop Digital Channel

Onboard customers easily and without friction with a digital solution that starts and ends on the same channel.

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The vanguard of CredoLab's family of credit risk management products that increases application approval rates while keeping negative rates under control.


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Simple, plug-&-play solutions working in conjunction with our products, such as the white label app & SDKs, to provide seamless digital onboarding experiences.

Embedded Scoring

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An Analytics-as-a-Service platform using data and insights from privacy-consented data sources to provide a simple, ready-for-action profitability plan.