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Leverage the AI credit scoring capabilities of CredoScore to quickly determine highly eligible applicants. Our unique FinTech credit score system accurately filters out ineligible leads, resulting in more qualified applicants with lower default rates.

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Select the Best Leads for your Clients

Better Quality Leads

Quickly select only those applicants with the highest probably of acceptance by your clients.

Higher Value Leads

Generate more revenue by selling leads with genuine value for your clientele.

Seamless Customer Journey

Seamlessly integrate CredoScore into any loan, insurance policy or credit card application journey.

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The vanguard of CredoLab's family of credit risk management products that increases application approval rates while keeping negative rates under control.


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Simple, plug-&-play solutions working in conjunction with our products, such as the white label app & SDKs, to provide seamless digital onboarding experiences.

Embedded Scoring

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An Analytics-as-a-Service platform using data and insights from privacy-consented data sources to provide a simple, ready-for-action profitability plan.