Expand into New Market Segments with Full Control of Risk Levels

CredoLab analyses thousands of characteristics from a user’s smartphone and turns them into highly-predictive behavioural insights that go beyond traditional credit scoring. Lenders and banks have now the option to enhance their existing scorecards with CredoLab’s powerful risk score.

We don’t reuse scorecards from other lenders or from other countries. Instead, we customise them to the characteristics of your financial institution, the customer segment you want to target, and the product you intend to market.

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risk control

Flexible Deployment

Merge, Dual or Input

CredoLab offers multiple scorecard integration options designed to ensure maximum flexibility. Risk management teams are now free to choose their preferred approach, consistent to their strategy, and independent from IT integrations and queues.

dual scorecard
merge scorecard
input scorecard


Run the CredoLab digital scorecard in parallel with your existing scorecard to assist in your lending decision.


Merge your existing scorecard with a CredoLab digital scorecard to create a more powerful, enhanced score.


Use the CredoLab digital score as one additional characteristic in your existing scorecard.

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Risk Score Delivery

Web Dashboard or API Integration

web dashboard

Web Dashboard

API integration

API Integration

CredoLab risk scores are delivered either via a web dashboard that requires no IT integration or via an easy-to-integrate API. The choice is yours.

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