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Credit card and loan application process have always been a troublesome process for both parties – the consumers and financial institutions – thanks to all the documentation work, reviewing, scoring, and the long wait to get an update. CredoLab and GoBear have come together to change the game by making the process smoother, easier, and faster for everyone involved.

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Tailor-made AI Credit Scoring for your Industry

Easy Apply provides financial institutions with an efficient way to tap into the underbanked and unbanked segments. It makes the application for a loan or a credit card easy for both the customer and the bank. Through a seamless journey, the customer chooses the product that best suits their needs online and improves her chances of approval by generating an alternative credit score on the app. Through an automated process, the bank receives the full application, inclusive of supporting documents and credit score, for a more efficient and smarter underwriting.

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Read more on how Easy Apply is changing the way financial institutions generate new leads and how their new customers complete the applications seamlessly. We can do the same for your business. All you have to do is press the blue button below

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