Driving Future Banking Together

Since our launch in Indonesia, PT Global Infotech Solution has been the front face of CredoLab’s offering in the country. With their expertise in the tech and financial industry of the Indonesian market and our AI-driven credit scoring, this partnership has been driving digital transformation.

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Why Should This Excite You?

Expansion to New Market Segments

Tap into Indonesia’s new-to-credit and new-to-bank customers confidently

Faster Decisions

Shorten the time-to-yes from days to less than 1 minute with creditworthiness and fraud checks done in real-time

Lower Cost of Risk

Customise your risk management strategies by leveraging the predictive capability of AI and Machine Learning

Complete Data Privacy

Process only anonymous and consented metadata to generate credit scores in a transparent and responsible manner.

Highly Accurate Insights

Leverage over 1.3 million behavioural features to arrive at the most predictable data points to score your customers

Local Expertise

Work together with an expert team who knows Indonesia and the technology trends there perfectly

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