Serving the underbanked in China

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Excerpts from article translated to English below:

Michele Tucci, head of product development and data partnerships, was interviewed by Caixin Global, one of China's most influential news outlets on the economy, finance, and economics.  

Michele commented on CredoLab's foray into the Chinese market as part of the company's international expansion. “There are many alternative credit scoring technologies in China but a large number of people remain financially underserved or unbanked.  

What we are seeing is the analysis of customers' e-commerce transaction records, as in the case of what Alipay is doing. This reflects their repayment ability, not their repayment 'character'.  

CredoLab’s data analytics algorithms take into account a customer’s repayment 'character' through his smartphone behaviour. We believe this is what is needed to deliver a more accurate consumer credit score".