Deep insights for risk, fraud and marketing

We provide financial organisations with insights about their customers, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

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Make informed decisions

Lack of predictive data hinders your ability to effectively detect early default or fraud, and target marketing. This leads to low approval rates, high delinquency rates, high friction and low conversion rates.

Credolab delivers immediate financial benefits in risk, fraud, and marketing — with behavioural data, via a single API. We do this with metadata, without any personally identifiable data leaving your customer's device.


Greater predictive power over who might default their first payment, resulting in higher approval rates


Identify fraudulent usage and lower the cost of fraud


Score leads more accurately, enabling more focused marketing spend

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Less fraud, more approvals

Drop in the cost of fraud

21.9% average decrease

Faster time-to-yes

From days to just <1 Second

Increased approval rate

Up to 32% increase

Decreased cost of acquisition

Up to 28%

Increased productivity

Up to 40% Gini uplift

Detect early defaulters

Improved detections of suspicious activity

How it works

Our machine learning platform detects behavioural patterns from the 10 million data signals we collect

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We then turn these signals into granular insights on your customers


Early default

Insurance underwriting score

Risk-based pricing model

Probability to file a claim

Credit line increase model

Collections model etc.


Early fraud indicators

Referral abuse

Fraud score

IP mismatch

Cashback abuse

Loyalty points abuse


Approval score

Customer persona

Application engagement score

Probability to apply or buy

Drop-off analysis

UI friction score

Lookalike audience etc.

Let's score your business

Built by our data scientists at CredoLab, the CredoMeter helps you assess your scoring performance in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select your current Gini Coefficient, the measure of how accurately your scoring methods are today;
  2. Pick the Approval Rate, the percentage of applications you approve out of the total number of applications you receive; and
  3. Chose the Bad Rate, or Delinquency Rate, the percentage of defaulters over the approved applicants.


Approval Rate (%)

Bad rate (%)

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