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Real-time behaviour-based fraud detection

We combine behavioural data sources and machine learning to obtain more accurate scoring models on who might default on their very first payment. Reach new clients and lend more!

Make more informed lending decisions with our innovative scoring model

Start assessing creditworthiness securely, accurately and seamlessly

Accurate real-time underwriting with end-to-end security

The complete guide to Alternative Credit Scoring

In this eBook, we'll help you understand what alternative data is and, more specifically, how certain tools such as alternative credit scoring, can help your business grow by tapping new unexplored market segments.

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What is alternative data
Alternative credit scoring vs traditional credit scoring
How alternative data can open up financial opportunities for credit invisibles
How alternative credit scoring is being used in many industries

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About credolab:

Credolab is committed to making credit available to all.

We do this by giving businesses access to an untapped, highly-predictive source of behavioural data to make faster, better credit scoring decisions with zero error rates.

Our clients can now calculate real-time credit scores based on evidence; shown in behavioural data from mobiles and web use. This previously untapped data means lenders can make decisions based on the way people behave in the modern world – not just how they look on paper.

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Capgemini Financial Services Efma Financial NewTech Watchlist 2021

Winner of 2021 Financial NewTech Challenge Banking-Scale up' award

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