Ride Hailing

Mobiles are key to booking a ride. But now they can also help drivers buy their car. Using the oodles of behavioural data in a potential driver’s smartphone industry players, such as Grab, Gojek and Uber, can now utilise advanced algorithms to analyse their phone use data, rate a driver’s creditworthiness, and help buy a car. Taxi for Mr Happy!

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digital financing solutions.

Fast approval. High accuracy. Happy Days

Use advanced credit scoring technology to speed up the approval process. With credoscore, companies enjoy increased onboarding rates with a lower cost of risk.

Fair terms

credoscore’s unique smartphone metadata analysis methods disrupt industry standards and drive growth by complementing traditional credit prerequisites.

Open up new market segments

Break down the barriers to credit by targeting those who are creditworthy, but don’t fit into traditional profiles, such as fresh graduates, millennials and those new-to-credit (NTC).

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