Airtime Credit

How happy would your customers be if you could keep them connected all the time? What if you could instantly offer them airtime credit when they run out of their pre-paid load? That would mean they don’t go wandering off looking for more credit – and possibly other suppliers. Here’s how it works: While your customers are talking on their phones, our algorithms seamlessly talk to their phones and, using embedded data from it, analyse their creditworthiness, and ensure that credit is offered in real time to those who satisfy your requirements. And, the amount of credit offered matches previous usage and behaviour. No faffing. Plus, this way you don’t have to spend your cash trying to re-acquire customers you lost when they had to buy more credit. Yes!

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doesn’t that have an air of good sense about it?

Automated micro-loan offers to mobile money users

Use credoscore’s credit scoring technology to automate the assessment and disbursement of micro-loan offers to mobile money users… instantly.

Foster engagement with existing customers

Add new recurring revenue streams by allowing pre-paid subscribers to receive airtime value in credit to extend their talk time when they run out of balance.

Build loyalty

Churn is good for butter, not customers. Grow loyalty by enabling continuous connections for pre-paid customers, while encouraging monetization via relevant plan offerings.

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