The credoSDK for Web is a JavaScript library designed to capture and track the user behaviours on the web page together with the user’s digital footprint and upload it to the credolab's web-service for future processing of scores and fragments. 

The diagram below shows the overview of how your website can work with the credoSDK for Web:

How will your website work with credoSDK for Web

Standard flow for mobile:
1. Initialize credoSDK for Web
2. Collect credolab dataset
2.1  Get an authorization token via provided Authkey
2.2 Upload credolab dataset to credolab's server
3. Login via user credentials
4. Get credolab score

This is the list of data that can be collected via the credoSDK for Web: 

HTML Table Generator
Category Total Fields Definition
Behavioral Data 19  Metadata related to the user's behaviour on the website. We collect 3 event type categories: keyboard, input, and pointer event. For each user’s action corresponded event type is recorded with time, event details (key type, mouse coordination), input details (if any), and element info describing the DOM
Browser Info 84  Metadata related to the user's browser/device information such as operating system, browser type, and screen details
DOM Metadata related to Document Object Model. This information describes all available objects on the webpage (input fields, buttons, etc)
General Info Metadata related to the sdk and other miscellaneous details such as data collection time, sdk version

At the moment, we are unable to provide you the credoSDK for Web for a trial.

Please check back in a few weeks for an update. Alternatively, you can talk to our expert here to learn more about the SDK for web and find a way to proceed.