The credoSDK for iOS is designed to capture the digital footprint of an iOS smartphone and upload it to the credolab web-service for future processing of scores and fragments.

The diagram below shows the overview of how your mobile app can work with credoSDK for iOS:

How will your mobile app work with credoSDK for iOS

Standard flow for mobile:
1. Initialize credoapp SDK
2. Collect credolab dataset
2.1  Check reference number uniqueness
2.2 Collect dataSet
3. Login
4. Get credolab score

This is the list of data that can be collected via the credoSDK for iOS:

HTML Table Generator
Category Total Fields Description User Permission
Calendars  32  Metadata connected with calendar information presented on the device. This includes the following attributes of calendar such as Events, and Reminders Required 
(NSCalendarsUsageDescription & NSRemindersUsageDescription)
Contacts  54  Metadata connected with Contacts and Contacts Group presented on the device Required
Media 48  Metadata connected with media albums, pictures, videos, and files that are located on the device storage Required
(NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescriptio n) 
Audio 42 Metadata connected with Apple Music
Required (NSAppleMusicUsageDescription)
Device Info 84 Metadata connected with device characteristics and configurations. This includes information about device brand, model, storage, total and available free memory, battery characteristics, wifi and other data describing device. Not Required 
Miscellaneous  11  Metadata connected with data collection process Not Required 

Since we don't yet offer a multi-modular SDK for iOS, we are unable to provide you a custom iOS SDK for a trial.

Please check back in a few weeks for an update. Alternatively, you can talk to our expert here to learn more about the SDK for iOS and find a way to proceed.