Welcome to credolab's Developer Area! 🧑 💻


Credolab provides digital credit scores by using alternative data. Ideal for Neobanks, Challenger Banks, BNPL, Banks and Digital Lenders, our solutions can help you say "YES" more confidently to more customers by making better credit decisions.

💡 Here are the sample use cases on how our current clients use our solution:

  • Alternative Credit score for loan approval
  • Fraud score
  • Predict user interest based on digital footprints fragments
  • Identify customer persona based on digital footprints fragments

🎉 Let's get started!

Get started with 3 simple steps

Step 1️⃣: 

Ensure that you've signed up for our SDK 30-day trial. If you haven't done so, please register here.
Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email with information on authentication key and credential.

Step 2️⃣: 

Using the authentication key provided, integrate the credoSDK into your mobile app or website and initiate your first upload. Our Developer Area provides the step by step guideline to integrate credoSDK into your mobile app or website.

credoSDK is available in 3 different platforms: Android, iOS and Web.

The integration is a fundamental step to allow us to collect your digital footprints metadata that are used to generate the credit score and display fragments.

Step 3️⃣:

Using the credential provided, get going with Dataset Insight API!

With credolab's Dataset Insight API, you can retrieve the credoscore and the digital footprints fragments in a matter of seconds.

What If I'm not a Developer

Not to worry. You can find out how our credoSDK works and check first-hand insights by

accessing the Demo Web Form or downloading our Demo App

Alternatively, you can schedule a call with our expert here.