Understand your customers better with user-level insights

An all-in-one solution for modern businesses - unlock valuable insights based on real-time smartphone and web behavioural metadata. Develop a deeper understanding of your customers with real-time and user-level insights.

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Data Enrichment Insights Module

Get rich and real-time insights for all your users, on mobile and online

Device fingerprint

Analyse user-level insights from Android and iOS digital footprints about the way your customers use their smartphones.

Available for:

Online interactions

Gather insights on how your customers interact with application forms, such as typing speed and cadence, UI interactions, mouse and gestures patterns.

Available for:

Ideal for any business looking to gain a deeper understanding of their mobile app and website users

Enriching Fraud Detection

Harness the power of checks and scores built on behavioural metadata to modernise fraud detection strategies with our seamless, cutting-edge API integration

Understand Your Customers Better

Grow Revenue per User

Identify Customers Before They Churn

Expand Audiences

Increase Customer Engagement

Know Your Customers without Compromising Personal Data

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Embedded tools

Easy to integrate

Seamless user experience enabled by a small library of code (Android <170Kb; iOS <2Mb) that collects privacy-consented and permissioned metadata.

Frictionless user experience enabled by a few lines of JavaScript (JS) code embedded in your web page that collects privacy-consented metadata.

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