CredoApply Demo

The CredoApply Demo App demonstrates how CredoApply improves the credit application journey for both the lender and the applicant. It takes the user through two journeys:

Customer Journey: A one-stop-platform for initiating and completing their credit application.

• Underwriter Journey: A process that helps them receive and process the credit application at real-time.

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Customer Journey

Applicants receive an SMS from the lender with the link to download the CredoApply app. Once installed, they follow the steps below to complete their application:

1. Fill in Loan Application Form

The applicant completes the form and uploads the necessary documents required by the lender.

2. Allow the App to Make Credo Analysis

To generate the credit score, the app requires the applicant to give necessary permissions to access the metadata of the device

3. Submit the Loan Application

Within seconds the scoring is completed and the complete application along with the score is sent to the underwriter for processing.

Underwriter Journey

The underwriter has a single platform - CredoDash - to view each application coming in along with the scores and actionable insights for them to take faster better credit decisions.

1. Review the Loan Application

The underwriter receives the loan application form along with all the documents uploaded by the applicant.

2. Get CredoScore

In real time, the score generated by the app is sent to the dashboard for the underwriter to review.

3. Make a Credit Decision

The underwriter makes an informed decision based on the documents received, the credit score, and the insights provided by the AI-algorithm.