Traditional credit-scoring reinvented

Credit scoring is no longer a binary choice. CredoApp collects a variety of metadata in conjunction with traditional methods to create a digital footprint. This produces highly efficient scorecards with a Gini coefficient of up to 0.6, even for new-to-bank customers, while simultaneously providing the flexibility to tailor for risk appetite.

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Industry leading

Credit risk prediction

credolab scorecard performance

CredoLab analyses over 75,000 characteristics from a user’s smartphone, working in harmony with existing technology to connect the dots that traditional methods can’t.

Autonomous system

Increased security and market penetration


Completely anonymous and unreadable digital footprint.


Radically improved Time-to-Yes: less than 1 minute, compared to days in manual process.

Cost effective

Confidently lend to lower-risk clients at lower interest rate.


Automation of credit decision gives confidence in 100% application of credit policy.

Not only is it safer, cost effective, faster, and more efficient, it is also automated and always up to date. In addition, CredoApp provides a much higher level of granular detail about a consumer than traditional methods, allowing you to profile applicants more effectively, track behaviour consistently, and predict the probability of default as an outcome more accurately.

Easy integration

Standalone or Seamless

CredoApp can be used as a standalone white label solution or seamlessly integrated into the lender's mobile app. In this way, we decrease the time to yes and simplify the loan or credit card application process across all channels: in-branch, online, on mobile and via direct sales agents.

dual scorecard
merge scorecard
input scorecard


Run the CredoLab digital scorecard in parallel with your existing scorecard to assist in your lending decision


Merge your existing scorecard with a CredoLab digital scorecard to create a powerful Enhanced Lender Score


Use the CredoLab digital score as one additional characteristic in your existing scorecard.

Contact us to learn more about the multitude of customer journeys we can enable.

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End to end journey

Lightning-fast decision making

CredoApp creates a rapid, seamless experience for the lender and the end-user.

Lender Registration & Applicant Notification

Bank registers the applicants in the system and notifies them to download the app to proceed with their application.

Applicant downloads CredoApp, grants permissions and initiates data collection

Applicant downloads the app, registers with their unique reference number and grants permissions to access their smartphone data.

Lender receives metadata and score results

Bank checks the status of all data records on the CredoLab portal, compiles data with their own and makes decision.

credolab phone

Client Experience

Simple as One, Two, Three.

With a hassle free client experience in under 60 seconds it couldn’t be easier!

credoapp installation

Download from the Google Play 

Lightweight and robust, CredoApp can be downloaded in an instant.

Enter Security and Reference Codes

After installation the applicant enters the application reference code and allows the required permissions. That's it!


After analysing the digital footprint from the smartphone CredoApp submits data either through a secure API or the web dashboard - depending on the lender’s choice of integration option - combining the power of big and traditional data to provide a more accurate credit score.

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