PDL scorecard

Online PDL Case Study

Application Scorecard for an Online Payday Lender

The Challenge

  • To improve poor performance of an online PDL company.
  • Low AR < 10% with="" extremely="" high="" npl="">30%.</ 10%>
  • The company operates through a digital-only application process.
  • Manual underwriting of more than 60% of applications.

The Solution

  • CredoLab SDK integrated into existing Android application.
  • 100% coverage and hit rate.
  • Seamless and easy IT integration – 4 weeks for full integration.
  • Smart knockout rules based on client's digital footprint.
  • A suite of 3 scorecards tailored according to the specific Android operating system's version: Android 4, 5, 6 and above.


Auto Decisions


Default Rate


User Adoption


Permission granting is mandatory for a positive credit decision

Time to Yes

90 sec

Time from scoring request to response

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