fraud scorecard

Fraud Case Study

A Fraud Scorecard for an Offline Cash Product

The Challenge

  • To develop a fraud prevention scorecard to decrease the percentage of borrowers late on 1st payment by 30+ days with no contact achieved during collection stage (“fraudsters”).
  • LGD of almost 100%.

The Solution

  • CredoLab SDK integrated to the bank’s Android application.
  • Coverage of 87%.
  • Seamless and easy IT integration – 3 weeks for full integration.
  • Gini of 0.49.


By rejecting the worst 20% and accepting the best 10% of the population, the scorecard enabled the client to reduce their fraud rate by 37% (from 4.97% to 3.11%) with only a -5% (relative) AR decrease.

Auto Decisions


Default Rate


User Adoption


% of users who grant permissions to call log

Time to Yes

90 sec

time from scoring request to response

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