Buy Now Pay Later: Customers' Wildest Dream or Worst Nightmare?

Fintech made it happen. Gone are the days when customers had to purchase items on layaway and collect the item when the last payment was made or pay exorbitant interests to avail of instalment schemes. Today customers can buy all that they desire and pay in interest-free instalments - all without the hassle of applying for credit cards or dealing with cumbersome processes. Fintech has made this happen.

But with growing concerns around rising debt and enabling shopaholics, is Buy Now Pay Later customers’ wildest dreams or worst nightmare coming true?

Join us as we virtually go around Southeast Asia’s major markets to discuss the reasons why the industry cannot make up their mind - do they love BNPL or should they hate it?

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We speak with Industry Experts from Southeast Asia on:

1. What has led to the rise of Buy Now Pay Later? 

2. How can embedded finance help mitigate the risks attached to BNPL?

3. What are Hoolah and 4gives doing differently to help businesses and customers stay safe and yet reap the benefits?

See you there!

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When: June 29, 1 PM SGT
Speaker: Arvin Singh, Co-founder & COO, Hoola
Moderator: Michele Tucci, Chief Product Officer, credolab



When: June 29, 3 PM Malaysia Time
Speaker: DU-IT (TBC)
Moderator: Michele Tucci, Chief Product Officer, credolab


The Philippines

When: June 30, 1 PM Philippine Standard Time
Speaker: Edward Refundo - CEO, 4Gives Lending Corporation

Moderator: Michele Tucci, Chief Product Officer, credolab

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