Traditional credit-scoring reinvented

Credit scoring is no longer a binary choice. CredoApp collects a variety of meta-data, used in conjunction with traditional methods, to create a digital footprint. This enables CredoLab to develop highly efficient scorecards with a Gini coefficient of up to 0.6, while simultaneously providing the flexibility to tailor for risk appetite. 

Unrivalled credit risk prediction

CredoApp collects more than 50,000 data points which are turned via artificial intelligence into more than 1,000 highly predictive markers. This results in significant improvement on credit risk prediction when compared to traditional methods. 

scorecard animation gif

scorecard animation gif

Not only is it safer, cost effective, faster, and more efficient, it is also automated and always up to date. In addition, CredoApp provides a much higher level of granular detail about a consumer than traditional methods, allowing you to profile applicants more effectively, track behaviour consistently, and predict the probability of default as an outcome more accurately.


Installation Process Animation

Installation Process Animation

Download from the Play Store

Lightweight and robust, CredoApp can be downloaded in an instant.

Enter contact number

After installation the applicant enters their contact number. That’s it!


After analysing the digital footprint from the smartphone CredoApp submits data through our secure API, combining the power of big and traditional data to provide a more accurate credit score.